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GuideVision {NOW Doctor}

Have you been having problems with your ServiceNow environment lately?

Are your workflows keeping up with the demands of smart processes and procedures?

What’s the Data Quality Index of your incidents, problems, changes, release, and knowledge base data?

Control your ServiceNow investment

Customisation of the core ServiceNow platform to maximise the value of your ServiceNow investment.

Engage your ServiceNow users

Strategy and training to engage users early and assure successful adoption of your ServiceNow implementation.

Drive integration and innovation

Integration with business systems, cloud providers and new custom solutions based on the NOW Platform.


GuideVision's team showed a deep knowledge about the product and strong interest in the customer perspective.


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GuideVision {NOW Doctor} Features

As a ServiceNow Elite partner, we provide a broad range of solutions that can be scaled up or down, in line with your organization’s specific requirements and current needs.

ServiceNow Strategic Advisory

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Increase your ServiceNow ROI

Continuous improvement to utilise your implementation and get the best business value out of your investment.

The GuideVision NOW Doctor service explores these and other questions and determines remedies to optimize your investment in the ServiceNow platform. We address your ServiceNow core configuration, data quality, customizations, workflow modelling, service quality, and client-tailored areas. At the conclusion of this ServiceNow analysis, we provide a report with prioritized recommendations and associated benefits.

Key Benefits

All ServiceNow Module Portfolio 

Processes Re-engineering (BPR/ITIL4/ITSM) 

Post-merger ERP integration 

Systems Orchestration 

Custom application development

ServiceNow licenses optimisation 

ServiceNow official certified trainings

ServiceNow Support  

GuideVision's team are the TOP on the market and have common sense. I do enjoy our cooperation with GuideVision.


Executive Manager of ServiceNow Global Competence Center, KBC

GuideVision has a team full of real experts which helped us to build tools used in more than 240 countries.


Program Manager for IT Infrastructure , DHL

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 {NOW Doctor} Use Cases

Data Filter

Management dashboard with multiple reports loads very slowly (1-2 minutes)

TIME: Dashboard loaded very slowly
PERCEPTION: The dashboard is regularly used as a real-time basis for operational and strategic meetings with C-level reps. The ServiceNow platform’s reputation was harmed in the eyes of the executive management.

Our analysis found that multiple reports used in the same dashboard were based on very similar data, which contained a lot of "dot-walking" references to different records. The reporting on the data was not needed live, but on a weekly basis.

A new table with pre-computed, aggregated data (i.e. computed report) was introduced. A weekly scheduled job prepared the data and fed it to the table. The indices were created on the key fields, which resulted in faster response. Report data sources on the computed report table with pre-defined queries were created. All current C-level reports were adjusted to use the new computed report.
UX: The load time for the dashboard was cut from 1-2 minutes to 5 seconds.

Platform: Cut the number of complex queries to the database 

Reporting admins: Shorter time to deliver similar reports based on the same report data source

Restored the platform’s reputation

Slow management dashboard

Every time an item is added to a list of items to be updated, a script is started to identify potential conflicts withthat particular item, especially in terms of allowed status, existing relationships with other depending records and data, populated mandatory attributes, etc..

TIME: The script took significant time to run and the user interface looked frozen while it did, usually for a couple of seconds
UX: he overall user experience was very poor because multiple items were typically added.

Based on performance monitoring and deep reverse analysis of the script, we found out that the script was calling incorrectly implemented methods that checked all added items instead of the one just added, so every additional item took more and more time to run. We also found that acheck is not asimportant at the time an item is added but when the prepared list is complete, since the entire list may look correct until the last item is added and checked with those already added. The third issue was found in the way the script is executed. It was a synchronous script which forced the user to wait until it was finished. This script could easily run in an asynchronous mode, letting the user continue add additional items.

The script was corrected at the method level, and could be called using a button instead of repetitive real-time execution, typically at the end when the list is complete so there is no impact on the UX.

UX: Improved user experience and the overall perception of the particular functionality

Process: Reviewed and optimized the overall business process

Platform: Corrected script with no impact on DB performance anymore

Fast lists, slow forms

A list of data from the project table is fast, but opening the form for one record took around 1 minute. The situation arose after the count of user groups increased from hundreds to tens of thousands.

TIME: The management of projects was greatly  complicated. The whole process of project management was virtually paralyzed. The entire platform came under increased stress and the overall response was impacted.

Our analysis identified an issue in the security rules on the project table. Multiple write ACLs on fields had the same scripted condition, which queried the group table and counted the records to get information about the existence of at least one group. The query was not well optimized, and performing the query took a few seconds.

The set of write ACLs was replaced by a general asterisk rule applied to “all other” fields. This ACL is now evaluated once for the record and significantly reduces the solution’s complexity. The query in the script was optimized by a specialized composite index. The aggregation counting the records was replaced by an existence condition.

UX: Project management is restored to its original state, and the form now takes around 2 seconds to load.

Platform: Performance degradation introduced by the huge list of groups is mitigated

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Epizode 1: How to tune your ServiceNow instance

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Epizode 5: Summarised learnings of the “NOW Doctor – ServiceNow optimisation” webinar series

In order to support our clients in getting the most of their ServiceNow investment, we prepared a series of webinars on the topic of platform optimisation and customisation for ultimate performance. In these recorded sessions, our experts are sharing extensively their experience, knowledge and know-how, gathered over numerous ServiceNow implementation projects. These recordings are now made available to all of our website visitors and we hope you will benefit from it in the same way our clients have been doing so so far. What you will learn:

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